It has come to our attention that dogs are leaving their excrement in the street and servitude area between the street and lawn in the neighborhood.  While we don’t have any information as to who the dog is or if it even belongs to a resident, we want to remind all residents of the pet covenant under Article IX, Section C.  Pets must be on a leash, may not roam free and may not be a nuisance to the neighborhood or the members.

Attention Pet Owners

Complaints about unleashed pets being allowed to do their business in neighboring yards has risen recently. Owners are encouraged to accompany their pets outside in the early morning hours and remove waste from neighboring yards promptly. St. Tammany Parish animal control should be called if this problem persist, 985-809-0183.  An online form to submit a complaint is also available, here.

Last, but not least, dog owners must pick up the excrement and dispose of properly.
All the Best,
Laurel Wood Homeowners Association